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Vote to Win For Norway & Sweden Best Story Award

It is that time of the year where you get to have a say on what you think is the best story for 2017. While not everyone gets the opportunity to talk non stop on a podcast like myself, Stephen and Dan about their favourite story for 2017, Fantomen and Fantomet have at least given you a chance to do that with competitions currently running on their websites.

Voting ends 1st March and you can win yourself an Egmont wedding book for your troubles. Having won a prize myself a few years ago this Aussie can tell you its worth entering. if you cannot read Swedish or Norwegian use Google Chrome and right click and press 'translate to English'.

Having spoken to our Egmont phriend these details on best stories are used in their market research and helps strategises what we see in the future and what we wont see anymore. So if you are like us and have a lot to say on what Phantom stories you like to read, start voting!

We have spoken to Frew about their own vote, I expect they will follow soon.

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