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Be Careful of Cheap Fake Chinese Highly Collectable Phantom eBay Items

In the last few months I and a couple of other Collector Phantom phans have seen a few normally highly priced Phantom collectable items listed as cheap as chips on eBay but be careful as the old jungle saying goes. If its too good to be true, it probably is!

The items I am talking about are the Purple Tikki Statue and the Poker Bust Topper Machine. As most collectors know, these are sold out and unless you pinch one from a dodgy pokers hall or a phellow collectable you will pay top dollar for them - $400+ for the Poker Machine and $700+ for the Tikki Statue.

I myself gave these Chinese sellers a go just in case and brought myself a Poker Bust Topper and never received it after several months. I did get my money back from eBay and paypal.

Now some things to look out for are the following: China X Price X Photo X Description X Global shipping doesn't go from China X eBay China X (no such thing) 0 Feedback X New eBay account X

Likely these items were made in a China warehouse somewhere so there could be some hidden in a warehouse forgotten in a dusty corner or even maybe reusing the mold but this is your formal warning! You may not be so lucky.

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