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New Phantom T-Shirt Released at Indian Reliance Stores

The Phantom seems to have found a great customer base for phantom merchandise after a new line of t-shirts have been found to be in circulation. With a new brand and a big Indian corporation involved, it is indeed a very exciting news for phans in India.

The new T-Shirt is printed on a nice cotton fabric and has a nice Sy Barry style Phantom face along with the name of the character.

The company behind the shirts is called 'Fashion Creek'. After a little digging they are found to be affiliated with Reliance Industries. Therefore it can be assumed that these are made only to be sold in Reliance Clothing stores and Malls across the country. It is also notable that it was first spotted in one of the Reliance Smart Bazaar Malls.

The price tag on the shirt has the new Phantom style guide design launched by KFS for merchandising purposes. The copyright information also mentions KFS with a 2023 date. Which would mean they have been out for sale at a minimum five months, but haven't been reported yet.

The shirt is only found in one colour and size in the store I found, however there may be more and we have enquired about it with them. Unknown as of yet is whether there are other designs and sizes which we have enquired with them about.

The shirt is priced ₹599 ($7.18 USD, $11.02 AUD, €6.67 euro & 77.10 kr) and the only way to get them is to find them in the Reliance stores across India.

There is still much to know about the t shirts like different sizes, colour or other designs. If anyone knows more about them or find more information about them, please contact us at our email or reach out to us at our various social media accounts.


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