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Fantomet Chronological Series NEW Series

While some phans may not like the Replica Series they are very popular among the majority of phans and the trend is very similar in other countries like Sweden and now Norway with news of a new series the publishing giant Egmont has recently announced.

Eagle eyed phans may have already seen some of the posts on Facebook and other social mediums but lets go over it again in case you have missed out.

Like Frew, Fantomet will be releasing a number of issues together along with the extras that came with the comic like club, editorials etc and binding them together with a 'stiff cardboard' cover. It will be slightly larger than a Frew Replica Series with 132 pages and each issue will have a different cover. The other notable difference between what Frew are doing is the Fantomet Chronological Series will be starting with their first issue and not counting backwards.

Fantomen Egmont are also doing a Replica Series but in hardcover format and add extra articles and features unlike Fantomet and Frew. We have done a video post about these which you can see here.

Fantomet's Chronological Series costs 149nok which works out at about $25AU. This does not include postage. The first one is at a special price of 99nok and includes a poster (pictured below) if you order a subscription. You can do your order here

When one of the Chronicle Chambers team receives a copy, we will do an extensive video review for you.

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