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Phantom Downunder Art Prize

Phantom phans of all talents and abilities are invited to enter the saso.creative Phantom Downunder Art Prize - but you'll have to be quick!

On their website, the Australian creative agency saso.creative has announced their sponsorship of the competition, together with all the details of how to enter.

With $1200 first prize in the Open category, and $300 for Under-18s, most phans should be scrambling for whatever creative materials and juices they can find! The theme for entries is The Phantom and the Australian Experience.

Close up of "Washing Day" (2014), currently touring with the Phantom Art Show

As a Coffs Harbour based agency, saso.creative is working in conjunction with the Bunker Cartoon Gallery, next host of the Phantom Art Show.

As such the winner of each category will also receive the honour of having their work displayed in the Art Show, alongside works produced by some of the greats of Australian art world. These will be announced at the official opening of the Phantom Art Show, 6pm Friday, 10 March, 2017 at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery.

In exciting news for any phans lucky enough to visit Coffs Harbour over the next few months, all other entries will be on public display from 14 March through 8 April in a 'Phantom Walk' popup gallery display on Harbour Drive before being moved to Coffs Central from 9 April through 8 May, 2017.

A noteworthy criteria for the entries is that they "must display a character, in whole or in part, or demonstrate a recognisable characteristic, motif, or thematic from the original Phantom comic book series as created by Lee Falk and illustrated by Wilson McCoy and Ray Moore." This last stipulation will not surprise anyone who has heard Art Show co-curator Peter Kingston speak on either X-Band Podcast episode 47 or 55!

Artists may employ any medium in their interpretation of the Phantom... except edible! Be quick though, as entries must arrive at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery ready-to-hang/ready-to-display by 7 March, 2017.

So - get creating!

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