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Vote for the Best Story from Fantomen & Fantomet

Fantomen (Swedish Phantom comic) and Fantomet have always held competitions for the best stories and cover and with today's technology we who live outside of Norway and Sweden can participate and help shape with our vote on the trend of the stories we see in Frew comics and Fantomen/ t comics in the future.

Even if you do not speak or read Norwegian/ Swedish you can still vote.

Go to and using Google Chrome and you can right click and choose 'Translate To English'. The best way to identify which story is which, go to the Phantomwiki page and it will list all the Fantomen issues and it lists the stories in their native Swedish along with the English title that is used by Frew.

The incentive to vote is a copy of the 80th Anniversary Fantomen issue.

Go on, Vote!

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