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A Dummy's Guide: 2016 Christmas List for Phantom Tragics

The ChronicleChamber team has turned our mind to the phestive season. As a present to our loyal readers, this page can be a handy link to share with loved ones who are wondering exactly what gift they can get for the phan in their lives. Merry Christmas!

So share it on your Facebook wall, tag your girlfriends, boyfriends, wife, husband, children, Mum, Dad and anyone else who celebrates the season by buying you gifts.



A new and unusual design, available from eBay from the United States is the new Boxer Shorts. Need to order soon if you want it before the big day.

Phantoms Vault also has a nice collection of clothing from the old Davenport range along with some more recent T-shirts for both men and women in all sizes.


Coffee Mug

While the Ikon Collectables Heat Changing Coffee Mug has been on the market for a couple of years now, it remains one of the most affordable and arguably coolest Phantom items available to place under the tree this year.

Even if your phan already has one of these, a second one to use at work or around the home, or even to just keep as a collectible, is going to be highly valued. You just can't go wrong with this one.

Available from the Popcultcha website here.



A unique collectible released for The Phantom's 80th Anniversary this year, this silver piece of "Bengallan currency" is very popular with collectors.

Packaged beautifully and presented in a light-up Skull Cave display box, this would be a wonderful gift for any Phantom phan.

Available from the Perth Bullion Company here.


Comic Subscription

One of the best gifts possible for a Phantom phan! What better way to shower them with Phantom love than to ensure a new story arrives in their mailbox once a fortnight throughout 2017?

For that special touch, a Signature Series subscription delivers a limited edition comic that is signed by the cover artist.

Either way, contact the crew at the Frew website here.

Of course for single issues or older runs, Frew and Phantoms Vault has hundreds of back issues from Frew, Hermes, Moonstone, Dynamite Entertainment, Indrajal and around the world.


Jigsaw puzzles

One of the newer items on the market, Phanfare has available two Phantom jigsaw puzzles.

With 1000 pieces, these are challenging and fun for phans of all ages.

Available in a few locations, but from the Phanfare website here.



Frew Publications has posters available, sold individually or in sets of four.

Classic covers or more modern scenes, there are images that would delight the traditional Falkists or the more modern phan. At A2 size they are perfect for kids bedrooms, in the office, shed or Skull Cave.

Available from the Frew website here.

Some may have seen the old 90's Phantom Zone, Vault and convention prints in other phans collections and often wished they had these. Phantoms Vault has a backload of them which you can find here signed along with some of the more modern Indian, Hermes, E & M prints. Some of their featured products is the signed Sy Barry print.

A even more modern take on Phantom artwork for your wall is another Phanfare item: posters that glow in the dark! Designed from Glenn Ford's iconic image, these have been available for a little while but if you're searching for that hard-to-buy-for phan in your life, these just might be that unique item you're looking for.



For those with deeper pockets, you could consider either of Ikon Collectables beautiful Phantom statues.

The "standing" Phantom has been out for a while now and in fact has sold out of the purple suit version, but blue, grey and a festive red are still available.

Released only this month, The Phantom on Hero statue is also a wonderful piece that would look fantastic on a book shelf or display case in any home, and would be very delightfully received.

These statues can be found at the Popcultcha site here.

Also on Popcultcha and Phantoms Vault you can find the Funko Pop Vinyl's.

Phantoms Vault also has the Phantom and Throne statue, the Bookends along with the Ikon Collectable Statues and figurines.


Original Cover Art

For those who have loads of money to be spent on, maybe original cover art is your answer.

We have Glenn Ford listing his original art on his new Phanfare website along with Antonio Lemos on his personal website, both selling their original artwork that have been featured for over 20 years on Frew covers.

Or why not perhaps the biggest ticket item of them all? Every phan would adore some original Sy Barry art, available from his website here.


Hopefully we've been able to help you out finding that something special. Whatever you choose, Merry Christmas and all the very best for the phestive season from all in the ChronicleChamber team!

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