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The Ultimate 2018 Christmas Present List

If you're reading this after being sent a link by a partner, parent, sibling, buddy or loved one, it's pretty evident that they are a die-hard Phantom phan who is dropping a not-so-subtle hint!

Hopefully in this post we can remove some of the hard work for you in finding them a Christmas present, and ideally something they don't already have...

NOTE: socks, jocks and towels do NOT count as Christmas gifts unless they have The Phantom on them!

The information below should be a great guide, with links to purchase items as well as links to our YouTube reviews wherever available. Enjoy shopping, and all the best finding the ideal gift for the Phantom phan in your life!


We're Phantom phans because we love to read the comic strip and the comic book stories, so that can be a great way to start.

Frew Publications in Australia have recently produced two trade paperbacks (books) that have never been released to newsagents, so odds are good that older phans especially may not have them. They should!!

There are many other publishers around the globe also producing quality Phantom books, and many Australian phans (for example) may not have been able to pick them up yet.

Of course you can give the gift that keeps on giving - a subscription! This can be a magnificent last minute gift, because while you may not have a physical gift on the big day, they will regularly receive it throughout the year! (HINT: if you get them the subscription from the other side of the world, you can almost bet your bottom dollar they don't already have it).

And for the kids, especially say 6-13 years old, you can suddenly become the favourite uncle or aunt by introducing them to the newest incarnation of our purple hero: Kid Phantom! And if they're already reading it, then a subscription is the perfect way to give them their comic phix all year round.


Maybe comics are not your thing so it's great that there is still a heap of Phantom merchandise available for you to wrap up and throw under the tree (not as much as we'd like, but that's a different story). Have a look through the options to spoil the phan in your life...

Kids will love:

To help your Phantom friend be organised in the New Year, a wall calendar could well be extremely popular.

A few other items that have been available for a while can be picked up from the Phantom's Vault website:

We're also lucky enough that Popcultcha still carries a few of the Ikon Collectables figurines and Pop Vinyls, but their stock is getting pretty limited so if you want to head this way we'd recommend you do it immediately!


Just about on top of every Phantom collectors' wish list would be some original Phantom art. Each piece is something that no one else in world has, and so much of it is absolute stunning. Your gift would go straight to the top of the favourites pile if you were able to deliver one of the following!


We hope that helps you find something for your phan, and good luck! You are about to know the joy of doing some Phantoming!

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