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Colour? Colour!

2016 Frew #1748

In X-Band episode #42, we caught up with the Frew Crew at SupaNova. Publisher Dudley Hogarth and Glenn Ford (co-owner) dropped not one but TWO exclusives on the popular podcast.

In the quick interview with Dudley, he asked for the Phans' feedback on whether they want colour Phantom comics or not. For those who came in late,

Frew recently released issue 1748, the Paul Ryan tribute comic, with the whole comic in colour. Following from that success they want to know from the phans, which is us whether we want it in EVERY issue or only every so often?

It is not often when the power of the people happens and we get a big say in the progress of any company, this is your opportunity so get in touch with Frew via their website or Facebook or post it on Phantom Collector your thoughts.

At the end of the interview with Dudley, Glenn came to inform us that Frew will be releasing colouring in books very soon. As you may know colouring in books have become a craze among Adults which I think will become popular among phans of all ages. This will be the first (Non Defenders of the Earth) Phantom colouring in book since the 1960’s.

Where do you sit with the Frew colour comics and will you be buying a colouring in book?

What colours would you use?

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