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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #278 - With Sy Barry & His Worldwide Influence

Presenting a recorded interview with Sy Barry that was originally recorded 18 months ago. Why have we held onto this for so long you may be asking? Great question!

Jermayn Parker, and Ankit Mitra originally held this interview for the discussion to be included in the Regal Phantom comics. It can now be released in podcast format in its entirely. Any podcast with Sy is amazing and insightful and this interview is no different.

During this podcast Sy Barry discusses a lot with us and some of the subjects are:

  • Sy Barry's influence in India and other countries and how he never understood the influence until after his retirement.

  • Why Sy Barry was so popular?

  • Sy Barry's reference materials.

  • Laying out sound effects in his stories to bring atmosphere in the story.

  • Sy Barry asks us about Lee Falk's writing.

  • Censorship of the strips in India.

  • Reflection of his visits to Sweden and Australia.

  • Colour in India and what Sy Barry thinks of the black and white Dailies being coloured and the panels being edited.

  • Sy Barry gives some art and colouring advice to Ankit Mitra.

  • The structure and restrictions of the Sunday and Daily strip.

  • The inspiration behind his version of Diana Palmer-Walker.

  • His reflection on drawing a full length Phantom comic story.

  • The legacy of artists having to draw the Sy Barry Phantom's face.

  • Which phan has some facial similarities with the Phantom.

  • The difference between drawing for the Daily and Sunday's newspaper stories.

  • Sy Barry providing a colour guide for his Sunday newspaper stories.

  • Some of his favourite stories including "The Founding of the Jungle Patrol", "The Heirs", "The Mysterious Ambassador" and "Old Baldy".

  • His advice to inspiring artists and creators.

  • The importance of creating interesting compositions to hide boring scenes.

  • His regrets on his retirement on the newspaper strip.

This is not the first time we have had the influence to talk with Sy Barry and if you want more, we suggest going to our interview page where you will find all the interviews.

If you have any questions that we have missed, please email us at or send them with us via our social media profiles at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram. We would love some more future questions for our next podcast with the great man.

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