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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #255 - Sydney 2023 Wrapup (Supanova Panel, LFMBEC Speech & More)

Did you go to Sydnova 2023? If not, we have you covered.

Included in this podcast we have a recording of the Supanova Phantom panel with Alex Trpcevski, Lauren Marshall and Matt Kyme plus Alex Trpcevski's LFMBEC speech. Jermayn Parker also gives his review of the weekend as he discusses the phan catch ups, the LFMBEC dinner, the Frew booth and Supanova in general.

The two recordings were recorded on a phone and in a non controlled environment, so the sound may not be the best. We did record the LFMBEC auction but because of the content, it was not included. Please note, we did get in trouble for this recording of the Supanova Phantom panel so there is a small chance that we will be requested to take it down.

The Supanova panel starts at the 2 Minute 30 seconds mark and the LFMBEC dinner speech starts at the 46 Minute mark. The review of the whole weekend starts at the 54 Minute mark.

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