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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #251 - Catch Up on the Latest of the Phantom Video Game

Recently Art of Play Games released some new in game screenshots on the Phantom Video Game and the phan community was very excited so we thought it is best to catch up with him. Join Jermayn Parker and Stephen East as they go through the screenshots and ask all the questions to Ashley Nicholls.

Some of the questions we asked Ashley Nicholls are below. These questions were asked by phans that were sent to us or asked on the various social media accounts:

  • Is July 2024 still the targeted release date?

  • Any luck with Billy Zane?

  • Trailer of the story / video game coming out soon?

  • Any plans for downloadable content?

  • Any plans for alternative slipcovers?

  • For those non gamers, what ‘collectable’ element would there be for us?

  • Will there be other collectable's to collect besides the actual video game?

  • Will there be a crowd funding option?

  • How do you plan to deal with the characters' relative obscurity outside selective countries like Australia, India and Scandinavia? Some parts of Europe and USA not exactly huge phans

  • Will there be any codes or even cheat codes?

  • Will there be print codes like on AFL cards or sister related products like the Fortnight comic?

  • Playability in India and South America who do not use consoles?

  • Is there room for a sequel or more Phantom video games?

Some key dates are July 2023 with the game trailer to be released. August / September 2023 for a crowd fund campaign for the collectable set. July 2024 for the release of the game. (Please note: Dates subject to change with possible delays)

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