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Tony DePaul & Mike Manley Showed us the Burial Spot of the 21st Phantom Back in 2020

In the current daily newspaper story "Phantom's End" by Tony DePaul and Mike Manley on the 31 August 2022 we were shown the burial spot of the 21st Phantom after he was killed in the Old Man Mozz what if story.

However what some phans may not know is that we have seen this pile of rocks in the valley before. Do you recognise it?

In the 254th daily story "The Llongo Forest" published in 2020, The Phantom has a hallucination and meets the ghost of his father who then turns into a flaming skeleton who predicts his death and even shows the place his body will lay outside of the skull cave.

I am sure at the time phans back in 2020 did not expect this to be a sneak peak into the future what we are reading now. Did you remember the pile of rocks 26 months later?


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