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Support PhantomWiki and Download a Digital Calendar to Print

The amazing resource that every hard core Phantom phan, collector and researcher uses, The PhantomWiki website is asking for our help.

The PhantomWiki is hosted and normally fully paid for by the Scandinavian chapter of the LFMBEC, they are however still feeling the effects of COVID-19. With them unable to hold gatherings there is a shortfall which we need to help out with. Due to the amount of data and images being hosted on the website, the price is 5,000 kronor per year which is about $750AU, $600US and 500 Euro.

In order to give something back to the donors, SC have made their 2023 calendar available to download. On their website they announce:

"We do not like to just ask for your money, so we would like to offer a printable custom Fantomen wall calendar, with all that you would expect from an calendar, including the dates your Fantomen magazine will land in your postbox (shop)."

Download it from here, and from there you can also donate to the PhantomWiki

If you would like to donate to the running of the awesome PhantomWiki website, please click here.


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