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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #165 - Marko Davidovic & Phantom Wiki

When stopped being updated and as technology improved the Phantom Wiki is now the best Phantom resource out there. What makes the website stand out against all other past and current resources is the accuracy of the vast information stored plus the dedication of the people involved.

We at Chronicle Chamber countless times hear of creators, editors, companies and publishers all using the website for research, ideas and much more.

One of the main contributors of the website is Marko Davidavic and we spend an hour chatting with him about his jounary as a Phantom phan, some great discovers of his research like the comic from Iran, his Sweden LFMBEC visit plus more.

Please note, due to where Marko lived the Internet connection was not the best, we apologise ahead of time for that, however press on as you will enjoy listening to Marko's story as a Phantom phan and Phantom wiki researcher.


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