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Orders for 2023 Mallon Diary Out Now!

Orders are now available to be made for the 2023 Mallon diary with not one but three different products including two different designs. Front cover design is by phan phav Jeremy MacPherson who has brought out moody Mr Walker theme with Devil walking the streets as an ordinary man.

If you have ordered prior with Mallon you likely have received an order form already. If not, you can download here. All orders can be emailed to

2023 Diary is $50Au Print is $100Au (signed and numbered 1-100) 2023 Calendar is $40AU

* all PLUS Postage.

The 2023 Diary has the usual traditional concealed wiro biding, with full colour inside, sized at 230 x 170mm with 120 pages.

The print follows the past prints by Sy Barry and Douglas Klauba and will be signed and numbered from 1-100 sized at 260 x 210mm printed on 270 gsm paper stock.

The 2023 calendar which would look great on any office wall is printed on 300 gsm cover, full colour inside and sized at 180 x 230mm. It will have 24 pages which we assume will be one for each month with a Phantom cover or assortment of covers from around the world.

I love how there is a definite theme to the products by Jeremy and Mallon. It makes you want to purchase multiple items more.

Thanks to Daniel Brogna and Nola Mallon for the information about this release.

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