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Pre Orders for Mallon Diary 2022 PLUS Journal & Limited Print

Following the success of the 85th anniversary diary that Mallon released this year they have started sending out pre order forms for their 2022 diary, a limited print featuring the new painting and a journal all featuring amazing covers by Douglas Klauba.

You can download the pre order form here:

Phantom Order Form2022
Download PDF • 381KB

The print and 2022 diary covers is a brand new painting by Douglas while the journal cover is from the cover of Lightning Strikes #3. You can listen to a podcast interview with Douglas Klauba here on X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #112.

The details of the three items are:

Diary cased with concealed-wiro binding, full colour throughout. Trim size 230 x 170 mm with 120 pages.

AUD 50 + postage/packaging

limited-edition print of painting by Douglas Klauba, painted in acrylic paints and printed on 270 gsm archival stock. It will be limited to 200 copies, each copy signed and numbered by the artist

AUD 100.00 plus postage/packaging

Undated journal with a soft cover in full colour. One colour throughout. Trim size 210 x 150 mm and comprises sections for daily notes, addresses and calendar. Total of 176 pages.

AUD 40.00 plus postage/packaging

To secure your copies of these Phantom collectibles, please indicate your required numbers

and complete the form attached. Please send a scanned copy to or by post

to Mallon Publishing PO Box 1210, Research, VIC 3095, Australia and send payment by one of

the methods offered.

Phantom Order Form2022
Download PDF • 381KB

What will you be buying? All three?

Special thanks to our patreons who passed on the news, in Callum Markin and Nathan Mckee-Duff.

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Ariana Parker
Ariana Parker
Nov 10, 2021

What will you be buying? Or what should I be buying for my crazy phantom phan husband


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