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The Phantom 2021 Mallon Diary is here!

Better late than never they say!

Chinese New Year and the global pandemic may have delayed the shipping, but Mallon’s 2021 iteration of The Phantom Diary, celebrating 85 years of publishing history for our hero, has finally arrived and is available for purchase.

Cartons of the finished products have arrived in Melbourne and Sydney Australia. Phans who pre-ordered Trade and Limited Editions are having their copies posted to them as we speak, including the Sy Barry signed prints that accompany the Limited Edition. It is only a matter of days until a faithful reader has it in their hot little hands.

More circumspect collectors may have waited until the physical copies were available in Australia - they can now order with confidence direct from Mallon or even head to Frew’s website, with the publication company on-selling the diary on Mallon’s behalf. Frew have Trade copies available now, with Limited Edition copies to come shortly.

While it is of course a shame that the diary was not available from the start of the year, it must be remembered that while the calendar year is laid out within its pages, this really is a diary in name only.

In reality, this is a comprehensive Phantom reference book with important dates from eight and a half decades of history. All the key ‘firsts’ – first appearance by a character, first publication in a country, first story by your favourite author or artist – you name it, it is listed in these pages.

As mentioned above the diary is available in both Trade and Limited Editions.

Sy Barry has painted a great illustration especially for the diary, which is featured on the cover of the trade edition and available as a limited, numbered print with the Limited Edition. Sy is personally signing each of these prints. The Limited Edition features an embossed cover based on a Douglas Klauba illustration.

So while the slow boat from China and the global pandemic may have caused a delay in release that no one wanted, rest assured that if you choose to pick up a copy, you will delight in and refer to this volume for many years to come. This is indeed a Phantom collectible.

Order from Mallon directly by downloading the order form here or contacting them via email

Alternatively, the site to purchase from Frew is here.

To watch a special preview of the diary please watch the below video of our exclusive plotter's proof we were given to show you.


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