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Review of Monogram Defenders of the Earth 2 inch Key Chains

Due out in October 2023 are the Monogram International Defenders of the Earth 2 inch 3D foam key chains. We at Chronicle Chamber were able to get some review copies before their release.

The distributor Entertainment Earth has them available for pre order on their website in packs of either 6 for $34.99US ($55Au, 32Eu, 2,900INR and 375sek/nok) or a pack of 24 for $143.99US ($220Au, 132Eu, 12,000INR and 1600 sek/nok).

My main concern is the plastic nature of the blind bags themselves, it would be better if they were made from paper so when thrown in rubbish or on the side of the road, they can degrade quicker.

There are two different Phantom designs, three Flash Gordon designs, two Ming the Merciless and one of each Mandrake, Lothar, Zuffy and Garax. These are sold in blind bags which may annoy some phans, the best solution around this is to either buy the display case of 24 or buy from a secondary market.

At this stage of writing you can only buy from the Entertainment Earth website. If anyone finds other sources to buy, please inform us.

From our research Big Bad Toys online store and the Australian Pop Cultcha store stock current Monogram International products on their stores and we expect them to stock these Defenders of the Earth keychains also. The Entertainment Earth website only provides express postage to Australia at $100+ where Big Bad Toy Store offered a lower rate when I purchased the King Comic PVC Figurines.

My opinion is that these are a must buy and will be very popular by children and the younger generation.

Do you like blind bags? Will you be buying them?


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