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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #154 - Rick Hoberg, DotE Art Director

This is the podcast a lot of phans have been waiting for. We talk to Rick Hoberg who was one of two Art Directors for the hit 1980's TV Series "Defenders of the Earth".

Rick sheds light on the stories behind the show from never seen before animation cells and artwork, progress sketches of the characters and much more about the process and decisions of the way the characters looked in the show.

We also get the inside scoop on two mysteries that have intrigued phans with why the art and animation style was different episode "Root of Evil" and why in some promotion pieces Jedda has blonde hair.

At around the 35 minute mark of the podcast Rick shows us drawings, scans and sketches from a bunch of artists who worked on the show including Nestro Redondo, Rick Hoberg, Will Meugniot, Russ Heath and Nino.


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