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Phantom Quiz Night: Friday 17th December

Do you think you know your Phantom? Well there is only one way to find out and that is challenge yourself against everyone else!

Chronicle Chamber will be hosting a Phantom quiz night on the 17th December at 9pm EDST. Everyone is welcome to join and participate. Times for around the world are:

  • Adelaide (Australia): 8:30pm

  • Brisbane (Australia): 8:00pm

  • Perth (Australia): 6:00pm

  • New Delhi (India): 3:30pm

  • Sweden: 11:00am

  • Los Angeles (USA): 2:00am

  • New York (USA): 5:00am

  • São Paulo (Brazil): 7:00am

  • If you would like to find your own time zone, please click here.

We will have prizes and be recording it and releasing it as our Christmas podcast so even if you cannot join you can test yourself.

To participate in the quiz you will need to either download the Kahoot app (Apple & or Google) or go to their website on your smart device or computer and join us on Zoom (link to join here). If you cannot join us on the night - you will be able to participate in the quiz for the week after.

Please remember this will be recorded and used for our Christmas X-Band: The Phantom Podcast. If your not comfortable, you can either not turn on your video or just join via Kahoot.


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