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Phantom Article in the October 2022 Assamese Magazine 'Sofura'

Some more news from the Indian State of Assam as reported by Seuj Abir.

In May 2022, I reported that the Assamese Magazine called 'Sofura' has been publishing The Phantom in a serialized format since February 2022. The story they are publishing is the Gold Key Story 'The Super Apes'.

In the October issue of the magazine there is also an introductory article about The Phantom which has been published in the magazine with the serialised comic. The article, titled 'The Phantom: An Introduction' (কমিকছ্ ৰ চুপাৰ হিৰো 'ফেণ্টম'), was written by me and it appears at same time as the phantom appears in the story which means the Phantom is represented a total of 6 pages in the magazine.

The article introduces the readers of Sofura to the world of the phantom as I go over the origins, mythos and publishing history of the character. The article also details the popularity and history of the phantom in Assam when it has been published in magazines and comics. It also includes a few images including a picture of Lee Falk and the first Indrajal Comics featuring the phantom.

Attached are screenshots of the article.

It's great seeing the magazine continuing the publication of the character in State of Assam. It's also great seeing other publishers publishing the comics in different format and languages. It's a really great time to be a Phan in India.


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