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New Tamil Language Phantom Comic Series

Lion-Muthu Comics published two successful hardcover books featuring The Phantom in 2022 and 2023 (our review here and here) in the Indian language Tamil. Now their sister publication Prakash Publishers, are releasing a new format of comics featuring the Phantom in a more semi regular format.

With the new series, the publication utilises a new format with one story per issue, which is also a callback to the original Muthu Comics. This series featured 15 issues during the years1977 to 1980.

The Phantom first appeared in 'V Comics' in the #13th issue of their new modern series which came out during January 2024. The story in the comic is the Daily story 'The Ghost Wall' by Tony DePaul, George Olsen & Keith Williams, in full colour. The comic uses a cover from the Turkish artist Ertuğrul Edirne which originally appeared in the Kizilmaske series published in 2015. These covers are also used by Wick Publications.

The next issue of 'V Comics' (numbered #17), has been announced by Prakash Publishers to come out in April 2024. As advertised, this issue will contain the classic daily story 'Phantom Wedding' by Lee Falk and Sy Barry in full colour. The story was previously published in Muthu Comics #98 back in 1979. The issue also features a cover by Sy Barry from the limited print from the 1970s.

Unlike the hardcover books, these two issues are available for sale on the Lion-Muthu comics website. They are priced ₹100 ($1.20 USD, $1.84 AUD, €1.12 euros, 12.92 kr), which seems to be a very good price for a full color issue.

We will be getting both of these issues for a video review which will be uploaded on the website, YouTube and the next monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.

Until then happy Phantoming!


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