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New German Phantom Comic Series from Kult Comics - 3rd December 2023 Release Date

Germany now has their FOURTH Phantom comic title out!

We currently have Wick Publications releasing new and never before seen Bastei comics, Zauberstern releasing newspaper, Team Fantomen, Moonstone and Frew created stories, ECR releasing reprint Sy Barry and Lee Falk classic stories and now Kult Comics are releasing a collection on famous French artist Jean-Yves Mitton.

What a time to be a phan in Germany!

Released from Kult Comics is a publication very similar to the French hard-cover book published in 2022 but will only feature four of Jean-Yves Mitton's Phantom stories. Perhaps if this sells well, we will see a second book released. The books are currently available via pre order on their website with deliveries taking place from 3 December 2023.

There are no details on their website and or social media regarding exactly what stories will be published but what we do know is:

148 pages, including 16 pages editorial Softcover or hardcover (Each with a different cover) Black and white Only 99 copies of the hardcover version

It is worth noting that at this stage, Kult Comics can only ship these comics to certain specific countries in Europe including Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

The hardcover version comes with two prints by Jean-Yves Mitton and Geier which are included below:


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