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Mythos Brazil Announce Sy Barry Omnibus, December 2022 Release - Special 50% Pre Order Price

Mythos Brazil has announced another bumper themed omnibus on the back of their successful Ray Moore and Italian Spada 2022 released omnibus'. This omnibus to be released in December 2022 titled "O Fantasma Omnibus – Os Ratos Do Porto & Outras Historias" and will include all classic Sy Barry stories .

Again Mythos Brazil has released news of this new publication by giving a special pre order 50% off the retail price. The retail price is R$ 234,90 ($45US & Euro, $70Au & 500sek/nok) and the special pre order price is R$ 117,45 ($25US & Euro, $35Au & 250sek/nok).

These books are HUGE, this Sy Barry omnibus is 550+ pages. There are list of stories as of yet but we are led to believe the stories will be from the 1960's.

We are still looking for someone from Brazil to review these Mythos comics for us. If you are willing to review them for us, please contact us.


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