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Mike Manley Back Drawing The Phantom on the Daily Newspaper Adventures

For the last 7 months from November 2023 to June 2024, readers of the Daily Newspaper Adventures have been seeing Bret Blevins and Jeff Weigel drawing the stories. Now from June 10 2024, Mike Manley is back.

The temporary replacement was due to Mike needing some time off as he battled illness, thankfully he is much better now and ready to done the purple costume again.

From what we understand having Bret Blevins drawing the last story "The Chain" has enabled Mike Manley to get 3 months in advance with his schedule.

We wish all the best to Bret Blevins, Jeff Weigel and Scott Cohn who have helped out the last couple of years when needed. Thanks to their efforts it has seen the daily strip continue. Syndicates often use breaks like this as a reason to stop and cancel newspaper strips, so we must remember and be thankful to them for their efforts.


Recent Phantom Happenings

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