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Daily Artist Update: Bret Blevins Taking Over From Jeff Weigel As Temporary Guest Artist

We have a new Daily newspaper artist update with Bret Blevins taking over the daily strip as the temporary artist from the 15th January 2024 onwards. The news of Bret taking over from Jeff Weigel was first announced in Tony DePaul's blog post, which can be read here.

For those who have come in late, we recommend you reading our article about the change of artist with Mike Manley's recent health concerns which has seen him taking time off the adventure strip to recover.

This change in artist from Monday, 15 January 2024 will also see the start of a new adventure starting.

Bret is no newcomer to Phantom phans. He worked as an uncredited inking assistant for Mike Manley on and off since 2020. The last time was during November 2023 - you can read about that here. It will be interesting if he gets credit like Jeff Weigel has during the last eight weeks - my guess is he will.

A huge thanks must go to the whole extended team who have ensured the Phantom newspaper strip continues. It could have been very easy and likely easier to allow the Daily strip to end but the team at King Features and the creators in Tony DePaul, Jeff Weigel, Mike Manley, Bret Blevins, and Scott Cohn all deserve some praise for their extra work. Thank you from the team at Chronicle Chamber.

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