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Kult Comics "Das Phantom" Mitton Stories Collection TPB Vol 2 on Sale Now

After the success of Kult Comics first release of the collection of French artist Jean-Yves Mitton Team Fantomen Phantom stories, they have announced their second volume. The two variants of volume 2 will be shipping from Thursday 6 June 2024. This volume will now see all eight stories published in Germany for the first time.

As with their first volume, this volume is available in two variants.

A softcover and a limited edition hardcover format which includes two bookplates signed by artists Geier and  Jean-Yves Mitton. For Those Who Have Come In Late, a bookplate is a fancy word for a print that comes with a book. As per volume one, the limited edition hardcover TPB is limited to 99 copies.

You can see the two bookplates below:

The four Team Fantomen stories included in the books are:

  • "The Cathedral Mystery" by Scott Goodall and Jean-Yves Mitton

  • "Death in Belgium" by Donne Avenell and Jean-Yves Mitton

  • "Hoogan's Revenge" by Lennart Moberg and Jean-Yves Mitton

  • "Marsh of the Endless Wind" by Scott Goodall and Jean-Yves Mitton

Included in the books is a multi page article about Jean-Yves Mitton, and his history with Team Fantomen and writers and editors like Norman Worker and Ulf Granberg amongst others. This interesting history piece is written by Bernd Frenz, who has written several stories himself for Team Fantomen. Bernd also write an article in the first book.

The price of the softcover TPB is €25.00 ($40Au, $30US, 450,000IDR and 300sek/nok) and the limited edition hardcover cost is €50.00 ($85Au, $55US, 900,000IDR and 600sek/nok).

If you are still debating whether to buy a copy, here is our video review of the first volume.


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