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Greece Comic Series Featuring The Phantom Out Now

We cannot call this a new series seeing issue #1 first came out in December 2018 and five years later we are made aware of it.

Greece has a unique history with the Phantom. In the last 40 years there has only been two comics published but in the 1960's and 1970's there was around 130 comics published by publishers like Terzopoulos, Savvelen and Kabanas-Hellas. Interestingly Savvelen even created their own prose adventures created by Hofmey Brantler.

This series titled Μπλεκ is a bi monthly series by Mikrosiros featuring "Tarzan", "Il Grande Blek", "Judge Dreed", "Luck Star O'Hara" and many other European classic and new comic characters. The series is named after the comic series "Il Grande Blek".

For a comparison, the series is very similar as the USA Comics Revue and Hungarian Kockás series featuring several characters in a comic. You can buy these comics from the publishers website.

The latest issue at the time of this article is #28. The Phantom has not appeared in all issues - the first in Issue #1 to issue #5 and then again starting from #20 to current. Each comic has between 100 and 166 pages and is in colour.

Each issue retails for 6.50€ ($11Au, $6US, 600 INR & 75 sek/nok).

The Phantom has been on the main cover twice so far in issue #2 and #21. The Phantom stories included in this series are a mixture of Moonstone and KFS Sunday newspaper created stories. A complete listing of the stories published so far is below:

  • Issue #1: The 5 Days of the Dragon (part A) by Ron Marz & Rubén Procopio

  • Issue #2: The 5 Days of the Dragon (part B) by Tony Bedard & Allan Goldman

  • Issue #3: The 5 Days Of The Dragon (part C') by Chuck Dixon & Graham Nolan

  • Issue #4: The 5 Days Of The Dragon (part IV) by Rafael Nieves, Tony Akins & Ken Wolak

  • Issue #5: The 5 Days Of The Dragon (Part V) by Mike Bullock & Juan Ferreyra

  • Issue #20: Mandrake's Bon Voyage by Tony DePaul & Terry Beatty

  • Issue #21: The Accursed Land by Tony DePaul & Paul Ryan

  • Issue #22: The Love Triangle by Tony DePaul & Paul Ryan

  • Issue #23: The Visitor by Tony DePaul & Jeff Weigel

  • Issue #24: The Nomad by Tony DePaul, Paul Ryan & Eduardo Barreto

  • Issue #25: The Shadows of Rune Noble by Tony DePaul, Paul Ryan, Eduardo Barreto & Terry Beatty

  • Issue #26: The Sinbad Stone by Graham Nolan

  • Issue #27: The Wharf Rats by Lee Falk, George Olesen & Fred Fredericks

  • Issue #28: The Phantom Is Everywhere by Tony DePaul, Terry Beatty & Jeff Weigel


Thanks must go to Manolis Talos for bringing this series to our attention. When we find a reviewer we will add these comics to our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast reviews. If you would like to review them or other comics, please contact us.


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