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Frew Selling Signed Sy Barry Prints

Everyone loves Sy Barry!

No matter your age, if your male or female or what country you come from - the master Sy Barry is a phans phavourite Phantom artist. Frew Publications now have some signed collectible prints to sell. We expect these to sell quickly.

According to Dudley Hogarth in his announcement of the stock, they only have a few in stock and if you delay, you will miss out.

Eagle eyed phans will notice some of these prints before which have all been commissions and then turned into prints:

  • The punching of the bad guy on the wharf has been around for a while including on Frew's own website.

  • The Phantom on Hero waving to the seaplane was a commission by a phan which you can read about here.

  • The Phantom, Hero and Devil with the burning building was the painting that Sy Barry drew for the 2020 Australia Bushfire Phundraiser which was turned into a book. You can find out all about that here.

  • The Phantom, Hero, Devil with Fraka in front of the Phantoms Head will be a new image for majority of phans.


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