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Frew #1 Up For Auction - Ends December 23, 2023

A perfect gift for the ultimate supafan with the most desirable Australian & Phantom comic Frew #1 currently up for auction with it ending on December 23 2023.

23 Collectors Auctions from Bundaberg, QLD is the company that has been hired to auction this amazing Australian and Phantom historical piece. Bidding starts at $6,000 Au and many expect it will reach five figures.

Along with this comic, they also have another six early Frew Phantom comics in numbers #3, #4, #27, #28, #29 and #30. The bidding starts for these between $1,800 and $2,000Au. You can bid on these comics via this link.

At this stage, we have no history on the previous owners of these comics. Does anyone have any information? If so, please let us know.

Below is a gallery of the six Frew comics.

Will you be bidding?

Thanks to the guys at 23 Collectors Auctions for answering our call out and giving us some information on these comics.

These rare phantom comics are part of Dr. Nigel Johnson's own collection. For those unfamiliar with Nigel's appreciation and depth of knowledge, he has been collecting Phantom memorabilia for forty years and some years ago combined his expertise into putting together a comprehensive book for collectors called, The Phantom price guide.

The latest edition of the price guide came with a CD of high resolution images of all covers and memorabilia for understanding the vast collectables for the Ghost who walks.

A note about the rare first edition listed. There are believed to be less than thirty left today and most of these are in poor condition. For numbers 1-35, the search can take collectors years to find and often when they do, the examples are in poor or repaired condition.

These are being offered to promote our brand new auction site and, as none of us are getting any younger, it is getting to be that time when culling the archives is prudent.

For your readers, Dr Nigel Johnson is one of our 23 specialist collectors who make up our team and give us our collective name. He has advised me he will be adding other rare gems in future auctions.

Why are these offered for sale? Well, as explained in our business blurb, we (23 Collectors Auctions) are a collective of Australian specialists who are all working together to offer the world a chance to acquire our life time pieces, learn from our expertise, gain from our insight and have a rare chance to become the next custodian of magnificent items we will be offering.


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