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Boss Fight Studio's Phantom Wave 2.0 Figurines Review

Wave 2.0 from the Hero H.A.C.K.S Phantom range is now available. Wave 2.0 includes the 11th Phantom and the Singh Pirate which comes with exchangeable heads - this is perfect if you buy two, you can then have two different looking pirates fighting the Phantom.

Here is our review of the figurines plus instructions on how to change the design of the pirate.

One of the questions we had was how do you change the Singh Pirate to look like the other? Must admit we had to do some research. You take the pirates arms off and then pull him apart at the waist. Then pull his torso up through the front open part of the vest and then rebuild and accessorize in the opposite as pulling him apart.

You can pre order these figurines from their website, Amazon or via your local figurine provider.

For the Australian readers, you can order from Ozzie Collectables and or Pop Cultcha for $49.99Au each.

If you find other methods of buying these, please contact us.

Thanks to Erik Araña from Boss Fight Studio are the finished print packaging designs which is a piece of art in itself and look amazing. You may notice that artist Loston Wallace has slightly modified the 11th Phantoms outfit which is something from Jeff Weigel's book. No cuff links and the cowl has the bandana finish at the back. What do you think of it? Can you see any other changes?

Paddy Lennon has also included the Team Fantomen story "The Ghost Who Died Twice" written by Norman Worker, with art by Hans Lindahl in the bio of the 11th Phantom. I personally love this touch.


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