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2022 Sardi's "Friends of the Phantom" Phan Catch Up

Every year phans from America and beyond catch up with each other and creators at the annual Sardi's luncheon. The group of phans are called "Friends of the Phantom" founded by Pete Klaus, the late Ed Rhoades and some other phans - a more in depth history of the group can be found here written by Howard Gesbeck.

The FotP lunches started in 1990 and the first event included Lee Falk, Jim and Judith Shepherd, Phantom historian Bob Griffin, founder Pete Klaus, Ed Rhoades plus others. The event went for two hours as all that attended soaked up every minute and story from Lee Falk. The location of Sardi's was chosen because it was one Lee Falk's favourite local restaurants.

Even without Ed Rhoades and Lee Falk no longer alive to attend and other original foundation phans attending, the event still goes on every year hosted and organised by Pete Klaus and Jaime Diaz. It should be noted that these events are by invite only.

Attached below are photos from the event which included creators, publishers and phans from America plus Brazil. Thanks to those who attended who gave us permission to share the photos here.


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