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2022 Perth Mint Phantom Coin (Just in Time for Christmas)

Needing another Christmas present idea to send to your friends, loved ones or even Santa? Perth Mint has come to the party with a new Phantom related coin. The coin is limited to 1,000 pieces and is made from 99.99% pure silver, presented with a coloured card and is officially licensed by King Features.

The cost is $79AU ($55US/EU, 555kr/nok and 4,300 INR)

You will be able to buy this from most coin places like Perth Mint, Australia Post and other coin shops like Direct Coins.

The front design has a classic Phantom crossing his arms with the good and skull mark tiled in the background. Worth noting that the late Queen Elizabeth II is on the back who is Australia's monarch. All new coins from 2023 will feature the new monarch King Charles III.

Here are the front and back and side angle design of the coin.

Some phans may remember a 2016 80th anniversary Phantom coin with a skull cave (pictured right). The Skull Cave lite up and came in a coloured box design. These coins are now next to impossible to find and buy with coin collectors snapping these up as well.

There have been other coin releases and if the demand is there Chronicle Chamber will look to do a video review off the others in the coming months.

This 2022 designed coin comes with a coloured presentation.

Some may be wondering about the usage of the new images which came from the new Phantom style guide designed by artist Amelia Vidal that was designed in 2020.

A shout out to Gary Gazza for the spot and letting us know about the new item to purchase. If you spot any Phantom news, please let us know.


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