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UPDATED: Bradford Releasing Phantom Coin Collection

Bradford Exchange, the producers of many high quality Phantom products, will be releasing a special coin collection for the hero’s 80th anniversary this year.

The Phantom’ 80th Anniversary Silver Coin Collection will consist of six coins which are layered with silver and feature full colour Sy Barry art. The coins are designed in such a way that they are to look as if they came from the Bengalla mint, with what Bradford describes as a “traditional Bengallan art motif”. Bradford’s full description of the coin series reads as follows;

Intended as a collector’s item, this coin is minted to extremely high specifications. Fully layered with pure silver, the artwork of The Phantom™ and Devil is depicted in full colour in the classic Silver Age comic style – the first time ever on such a coin.

The image is encircled by a traditional Bengallan art motif as well as Good and Evil Phantom™ Ring motifs. The coin will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the provenance of the edition as well as informative facts relating to the history of Devil, as provided by Glenn Ford. Flawless in its mintage and struck with the greatest respect to its subject, Issue one:

The Phantom™ and Devil coin honours the hero and one of his most enduring and loyal friends, the wolf known as Devil. The art has been selected and hand-coloured by Glenn Ford to ensure a faithful accuracy bestowed by an artist-fan who has spent his life steeped in the lore of Bengalla.

You’ll receive a FREE gallery-quality display case with Issue two: “The Phantom™ and Diana,” which will be sent approximately one month after your first coin.

As you can see, each coin in the series is released one month apart with the second coin coming with a wooden display box. The box appears to be quite similar to that which came with the Origin of the Phantom medallion collection, albeit smaller and without the viewing window.

As will all of Bradford’s releases, you do not need to pay the full amount of the collection up front. Rather, the first coin in the series will be $49.99AU with each subsequent coin costing $99.99AU. (It should be noted that each coin will also cost $9.99AU in shipping.) While this is a subscription service, if funds start running low you can cancel your order at any time, so you’re not tied into getting all six coins.

No exact release date for the first coin is mentioned on Bradford’s site, however assuming that these are for the 80th anniversary we expect the first to be released sometime in February. Similarly, there is no indication if this is the same coin we reported on previously, however we suspect it may not be as the original report said that coin would be released via Perth Bullion.

The Phantom’ 80th Anniversary Silver Coin Collection can be ordered now via Bradford Exchange’s website.

Thanks to Paul Moloney for the heads up on this.

UPDATE: We’ve been told by Glenn Ford that these coins are in fact a separate item to that which is being produced by Perth Bullion.

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