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2022 Nordic Softcover Book Available for Pre Order

The eighth Fantomen / Musta Naamio Softcover book has been made available for pre order with an amazing cover by Luca Erbetta. The release date is 4th October 2022 and will be 128 pages.

These softcover books are a relatively new tradition and actually started in Norway in 2014 but are now produced by the Swedish Fantomen editorial team. The last five covers have all been produced by Luca and only been published in Sweden and Finland.

You can pre order the Swedish book at Adlibris for 135 kr ($20AU & $16US) plus shipping. You can order the Finnish book at Turun Sarjakuvakauppa for 24 Euros ($37AU & $29US).

The other method is to do a swap with a Swedish or Finnish phan.

The book title "Ondskans Nemesis" translates to "The Nemesis of Evil" which is an epithet used in Sweden sometimes to describe the Phantom. The contents of the book has not yet been released but are generally unedited newspaper stories along with an article or two going from past editions.

The description about the book is translated to something like:

"A thicker softcover book for everyone who recognize the nemesis of evil! The Phantom stops crooks and pirates in classic black and white!"

We will review the book when it is available for purchase, keep an eye on our website and or social media profiles at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

Thanks also to Kristian Hellesund for letting us know about the announcement.


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