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NEW Egmont Pirates Themed Softcover Book Announced

There was a Fantomen Facebook post a few days ago making mention of Egmont's Fantomen editor Mikeal Sol and others going through volumes of hard bound Fantomen comics from the 1960's onwards, looking for articles on the Phantom and pirates.

Eagle eyed phans soon spotted a cover that was listed as a pre-order on a local Swedish website called

After some detective work and reading between the lines, we at ChronicleChamber believe this will be the fourth release of the very popular Fantomen (and Fantomet) Softcover Books / Trade paperbacks. This series includes the popular Wedding anniversary edition from last year which we discussed here. Fantomet (Norway) and Mustanaamio (Finland) have also released their versions - Norway had a different cover for their wedding issue. No word yet if they will use the same as Sweden (pictured above).

There is no official word on the cover artist at the time of writing, but despite looking similar to the work of Henrik Salhstrom, based on the signature and other insights we can confirm it is not him and looks to be a new artist to Phantom readers / phans.

This is the first time the cover art is somewhat different, going away from the pop / retro look and using classic Sy Barry style art.

Based on the link above and past issues in this series, this beauty will be 129Kr ($20AU) plus shipping and will be between 130 and 150 pages. Normally it has been released at the Swedish Gothenburg Book Fair which this year is held between September 27 and 30.

One to add to your list for sure as the past three have been amazing!

Thank you to Team CC phriends Andreas and Thomas for helping us to fill some gaps in this article.

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