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2020 Fantomen Softcover Book

The sixth Fantomen Softcover book has been made available for pre order with another beautiful cover by Luca Erbetta.

These softcover books are a relatively new tradition and actually started in Norway in 2014 but are now produced by the Swedish Fantomen editorial team. The last three covers have all been produced by Luca.

You can pre order the book at the website for 165 kr ($25AU & $18US) plus shipping and is usually released to coincide with the Gotternberg Book Fair between Thursday 24 September and Sunday 27 September.

The other method is to do a swap with a Swedish phan.

The contents of the book has not yet been released but are generally unedited newspaper stories along with an article or two. Mikael Sol however has given us a hint about the contents of this book when we last spoke to him when talking about the 70th anniversary of Fantomen.

The annual book will have new high resolution scans of old McCoy and Sy Barry stories that we are going to use from the old print proofs that KFS had and from Bulls Press. They will look really good in print with sharp lines and blacks that's not messed up.

Keen eyed phans may remember a similar style cover. The first ever Fantomen comic that was published back in 1950 featured a cover by George Camitz of the Phantom punching. The 1,500th issue (Fantomen 16-17/2011) by Sal Velluto also features the Phantom punching.

We love this tribute to the old covers which has happened a few times in Fantomen's 70th Anniversary year.

Will you be getting one of these books to add to your collection?


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