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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #160 - Luca Erbetta, Frew & Egmont Cover Artist

Luca Erbetta is one of the few artists who draws covers for Frew Publications and also Egmont and as you will learn he also has a new cover coming out soon for a third Phantom publisher.

In this podcast we learn all about Luca, his history as an artist for European and USA publishers and his blossoming Phantom career. Luca goes through in detail his 9 Phantom covers and other illustrations including commissions, the Frew / Phanfare Trading Card and his past Phantom costumes.

We ask the question a lot of art collectors want to know is if any of the covers are done in traditional mediums for purchase. You will have to watch and listen for the answer.

You can follow Luca Erbetta at either:


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