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Magazine Bild & Bubbla #222: Swedish Influence on the Frew Comic

Bild & Bubbla has a long tradition of writing about the Phantom in their magazine. We have previously written about the magazine and some of their earlier covers here.

In the latest issue of Bild & Bubbla (issue 222) there are two pieces about The Phantom in Australia and its influence by Swedish creators.

One of the articles is written by Andreas Eriksson and is about the history of the publication from the debut in Australian Women's Mirror in 1936 all the way to present day with Frew.

The magazine also includes an interview from Frew creators in Andreas Eriksson and Pidde Andersson written by Fredrik Strömberg.

The questions are along the lines about how they came in contact with the Frew Crew, what the differences are between Frew and Team Fantomen and also the differences between phans from Sweden and Australia.

One of the most interesting part of the interviews are the numbers of scripts written by the two.

Pidde has sold 16 scripts to Frew at this point, where we have only seen 5 published to date of this article including Shangri-La (Phantoms World #4), Jungle Love (Frew Trade Paperback #2), Requiem (Frew #1830), Evil Lurks in the Night (Frew #1854) & Inked in Blood pt 1&2 (Frew #1861 & 1862).

A couple others have been drawn and are awaiting publishing and another 3-4 are being worked on at the moment by different artists.

Andreas on the other hand has sold 4 scripts with the first being drawn at the moment and that he has some more plots approved that need to be written into full scripts.

You can buy and become a member of the magazine at their website to receive your own copies of future editions.

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