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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #122 - Speeches of Supanova Sydney & LFMBEC 2019

In the first of two podcasts recorded over the weekend of 21-23 July 2019, we bring you the Speeches of Supanova & LFMBEC.

These were the more formal presentations from the weekend, with panels at the Supanova pop culture convention and speeches at the Lee Falk Memorial Bengalla Explorer's Club (LFMBEC) dinner.

It's another longer compilation podcast, so back due to popular demand we have timestamps for you!

So whether you couldn't make it and are listening for the first time, or you were there and are just keen to hear them all over again, we hope you enjoy - the Speeches of Supanova.

*Please note that the fourth panel featuring Jeff, Simon, Donny and others did feature some swearing so please do not listen to this with sensitive ears around.

0hr10m25 - Sunday Supanova 'The Phantom' Panel - Jeff Weigel, Paul Mason, Jamie Johnson and Andrew Constant

1hr03m35 - Rita Uechtritz at the LFMBEC dinner - The Phantom's Papua New Guinea connection, especially through the Wahgi tribe and their shields

1hr24m45 - Jeff Weigel at the LFMBEC dinner - My journey to becoming the Sunday Phantom artist

1hr54m25 - Friday Supanova 'Comic Creators' panel - Jeff Weigel, Simon Bisley, Humbarto Ramos, Donny Cates and Megan Hutchinson

Happy Phantoming!

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