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X Band Podcast Mentioned in Fantomen 12/2019

Next week Fantomen issue 12/2019 comes out in stores around Sweden. Every issue features a short editorial message from Mikael Sol which is similar to the Message from the Publisher Frew readers see from Dudley Hogarth.

What makes this editorial message so cool for us is that he focuses on Chronicle Chamber's X-Band: The Phantom Podcast! Now we are very vocal and proud of what it has become, and we are very happy and ecstatic we get a good shout out in the popular Swedish magazine.

Here is a photo of the editorial:

Here is a translated version of the above text:

-Listen to the Phantom-

Yes, or rather listen to us who work on the magazine. The Australian The Phantom-fan page Chronicle Chamber has a podcast with a focus on the Ghost Who Walks. Among other things they interview different people who work with The Phantom, such as the american writer Tony DePaul and the artist Mike Manley... and Sy Barry, who very open heartily tells how it was like working on the Phantom.

They have also interviewed the old editor Ulf Granberg, our cover artist Henrik Sahlström and the editor Mikael Sol (that´s me). Since they interview people over Skype the sound can be a hurdle, but if you can overcome that there is a lot to listen to. At the time of writing they have made over 100 episodes.

Surf over to or search for X Band in your podcast app.

See you!

We must give a huge thank you to Mikael for the wonderful shout out but also to Pidde Andersson and Henrik Sahlström for the spot and help with the translations.

If those podcasts interest you, scroll through the below list for some weekend listening.

Recent Phantom Happenings

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