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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #116 - Meet Mikael Sol

In the latest X Band podcast Jermayn & Dan have the privilege to chat with Swedish Fantomen editor Mikael Sol. It is a great conversation as we learn about Mikael the person and Mikael the person behind the Phantom / Fantomen in Sweden. As Mikael is the editor of the magazine and team leader of Team Fantomen which gives us the perfect opportunity to ask Mikael many questions about the Swedish magazine. Some of the questions we asked were:

  • Did Sandal Singh carry the Phantoms child?

  • The 22nd Phantom saga

  • About the closing of the Fantomet magazine

  • Working with Phantom royalty in Ulf Granberg, Claes Reimerthi & Hans Lindahl

  • Will Lamanda Luaga come back to the presidency?

  • Fantomen Kids

  • Creating your own stories

  • Future of Fantomen & the character in Sweden

  • Increase of the Fantomen budget

  • Falkism & Post Modernism

plus much more. Make sure you listen and if you have any follow up questions, contact us :)

Happy Phantoming!

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