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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #111 - February 2019 Comics and News

Our first Comics and News review for 2019 has landed!

In this episode Dan and Jermayn explore the latest in Phantom news before turning their attention to the latest offerings from Frew (#1828-#1831) which includes the 2018 Christmas Special, the Rex Special and the 2019 Annual - The Phantom At War.

Mikael also chimes in with his reviews of the first three Fantomen issues of the year.

As always enjoy, and Happy Phantoming!

Editor's note: Instead of googling an obscure 1980's band with a not very nice song- you'd probably prefer to check out the work by Ernest Hemmingway and John Donne. (This will be relevant during the review of the 2019 Annual).

Recent Phantom Happenings

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