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LFMBEC Swedish Chapter 2019 Wall Calendar now Available

While the majority of Australian phans are getting their Mallon Wall Calendar (more information here), those in the northern countries are getting their Lee Falk Memorial Benagli Explorers Club Swedish Chapter Wall Calendars.

Produced by the LFMBEC Swedish Chapter, these are a "must purchase" for we completists. They have been producing these high quality wall calendars since 2013. The LFMBEC Swedish Chapter have also produced two quality books which you can preview here.

There is no website to purchase these from - to purchase send an email to and he will sort out your order. The price is 110sek ($15-18AU) plus postage. Be quick as only 300 of these have been made and once they are sold out, they are gone.

While Mallon have used cover art from around the world in their offering, this year LFMBEC have focused on Sy Barry as he celebrated his 90th birthday earlier this year. Using the traditional wall calendar format it features high quality Sy Barry artwork along with the days of the month to make any office look that much smarter.

Now in case you want to know, in Sweden they celebrate names on each day. So November 30 is the day of Andreas for example. Everyone with that name gets to celebrate, kind of an extra birthday (but usually not with gifts). Unfortunately Jermayn and Stephen do not get a mention however Dan (Daniel) has 11 December. Check here if you would like to see if you name gets a gig like Dan!

The Calendar also includes Swedish holidays. Valentine's Day gets a heart and you will notice little skulls which indicate when the next Fantomen issue is due out.

Have a look at a couple of inside panels. We are in the middle of organising a video review and when done, we will post here.

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