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2019 Mallon Calendar Review

It's been over three months in the making, but finally the 2019 Phantom Calendar from Mallon is about to arrive in stores!

The calendar is also available straight from the publisher, with direct orders receiving an exclusive extra print (details at bottom of this post).

This product is just about everything a Phantom phan could want from a calendar, replete with beautiful prints of Phantom covers from around the world and an assortment of important dates in the Phantom universe.

ChronicleChamber is fortunate enough to have received advance copies of the wall calendar, with direct orders due to be filled shortly. We have taken the opportunity to create a video review (above) for phans to check out the item and encourage you to have a good look, particularly if you are still tossing up whether or not to pick up a copy.

As you can see, the calendar is "a showcase for the illustrative style of the 1960s and 1970s from a selection of countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Argentina and France".

This is established with the beautiful Rolf Gohs image used as the cover of the calendar. It is exciting that many of the twelve monthly illustrations are covers that have not been widely seen throughout the world, and gives phans a chance to appreciate artwork that they may not have seen before.

As in previous years there is also a small panel of comic book art in the bottom left corner of the month pages, providing that extra level of interest for phans.

ChronicleChamber is especially pleased to see an array of Phantom dates and trivia sprinkled throughout the calendar.

Very few months go by without a creator or publisher milestone being recognised, and it definitely sets this calendar apart from the rest when it comes to choosing one for your kitchen, office or workstation for next year. Family and colleagues will be impressed by the vibrant art and colours - and by your ability to start conversations about the 1000th Fantomen comics being published in Sweden almost three decades ago!

It's pointed out in the video but also worth mentioning here: we're a particular fan of the way colour has been used to theme the months. Each monthly cover image has been framed with a complementary pastel shade, which then feeds down into the actual calendar below. The effect is a dramatic transformation with each flip of the page and will provide for a pleasing variety as we all work through the months of 2019, as you can see as you browse through the gallery below.

So all in all a quality product that should be on every phan's shopping (or Christmas!) list between now and the start of the new year.

Mallon's 2019 Phantom wall calendar retails at $24.99 AUD.

To purchase:

  • you'll be able to find it in some of the Calendar Club stores that will start to pop up in shopping malls around Australia over the next month or so;

  • it will appear in select Australian newsagents;

  • order via Frew here;

  • order via the Phantom's Vault website here.


  1. Download the order form here

  2. email it to Mallon directly at

  • ONLY purchases made directly through Mallon will receive the bonus print

  • We can confirm that the bonus print will be a beautiful and clean rendition of the Rolf Gohs image used for the 2019 calendar cover.

  • Please note that approval for the use of this cover as the bonus print has only recently been granted, so there will be a small delay in the filling of email orders. Mallon appreciates the patience of purchasers as printing is completed.

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