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P3 gets a makeover

Another newspaper article featuring The Phantom has been published in the mainstream media today, and it gives us the perfect excuse to promote our Phantom Preservation Project!


Phantom by Gaslight author Christopher Sequeira recently took the opportunity of a new road naming in his local area to promote The Phantom and Frew Publications in his local paper, the Inner West Courier. Christopher was joined by cosplayer Philip Vincent for the article, which has been picked up and published by the nationwide Daily Telegraph. You might be able to read it via the links on this page, which include the image below.

HOWEVER! It is a subscriber only story. If you want to read the full story without going through the News Limited paywall, you can access our PDF of it here - we have added it to our P3.

What is the P3? For those phans who are keen to read this and other newspaper or magazine articles featuring our favourite character, there is always the Phantom Preservation Project (P3).

As you can read in our introductory post, this is a growing online archive of Phantom memorabilia. Items that are now out of publication, or are otherwise not widely available. There is audio (all known Phantom songs), video (highlighted by Season 2 of Phantom 2040), unpublished artwork, games, and print material galore.

The P3 is available to ChronicleChamber patreon supporters, and has recently been super-streamlined in terms of its usability and accessibility. Up until now it hasn't necessarily been what we wanted it to be, mostly because it was a bit unwieldy at our end. Special locked parts of the website, passwords, fancy pages - it sounds good but to be honest became a lot like work for us, and we suspect painful for you to use.

So - we've decided to focus on function over form, to give you the chance to access all this really cool historical Phantom stuff much more easily. Our plan is: not so pretty but way more practical...

Each month, Patrons of $5/month or above will receive a link to our folder that contains ALL the files for the P3 - all the phan club newsletters, all the audio, all the video - everything! We are adding to the archive regularly, and will send out info about what's new via the Patreon message boards. The link to the Inner West Courier article is just a small taster of what is available.

We want you to browse, view and download as much as you like! And we want to do it in a way that supports the cost of this site - hosting the website and the podcast, paying for international phone calls to interviewees, and all the rest.

So to help us out with the website and podcast, as well as getting access to a whole lot of cool stuff, by heading over to Patreon now!

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