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Digital Supanova Program - and new Kid Phantom episode - Available Now

Earlier today the good folk at Supanova published the digital version of their program for Sydney and Perth, and there's a healthy helping of Frew and Phantom included!

Access the PDF of the Sydney program here, and head straight to page 72 for the Frew advertisement showcasing their newest Pholios, and then pages 73-78 for the launch of Kid Mandrake (Boydrake) via a very special Kid Phantom story!

It's a nice little episode of Kid Phantom, and once we get past the fact that it's not the familiar artistic styling of Paul Mason, very enjoyable.

As for the Frew ad, to be fair, it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already suspect about products, with information about Jam covers and Pholio items having already been released in various forms. Possibly the big surprise is the Jam cover Pholio, which is actually advertised as a mini-Pholio ... A4 as opposed to A3 as per every previous Pholio collection.

When CC queried Frew publisher Glenn Ford about the change, as always he was thinking of the phans, "to save you guys some money". The mini-Pholio will be sold for $40, a great saving on the $60 cost for the previous Pholio sets. We have confirmed that the set of five prints will be sold in the same folder style as the previous Pholios - just half the size.

While we do appreciate the savings we will be able to make here, and the opportunity to spend money on other Phantom merch, there will certainly be some completists who would have rathered that all Pholios had been kept the same size.

Either way, it's great to see some news coming out about what will be there, and it all serves to whet the appetite for phans who will be descending on Sydney next weekend!

For all your Supanova tips and tricks, see our planning post here, and to get caught up in all our excitement, make sure you've listened to Episode #96A of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast where we discuss everything we know, wish we knew, and expect to know!

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