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More things to Save for and Buy: Jeff Weigel Art, Postcard Set 4 & Lightning Strikes Comics

After their last announcement that Phantom's Vault was now re-releasing the 99.94 Generation Phantom Gallery Prints, we now have more to spend our hard earned cash on. This is highlighted by the Scarlet Sapphire comic which many phans were starting to fear would never arrive.

Scarlet Sapphire Available to Buy Now

First is something all Australians have been waiting for over a year: the Lightning Strikes Scarlet Sapphire comic. Yes, it's phinally arrived from Ireland! It is worth relistening to Episode 90 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast with publisher Eoin McCauly as we discussed his new upcoming series and the Scarlet Saphire comic which was originally released May 2017.

So after a year, Australian's can finally buy a signed copy for $25 (plus GST & Shipping) via Phantom's Vault. Unfortunately there is still no sign of the cheaper, unsigned version of the book. $25 may be pricey for a single book, but anyone who can get the money together will find that it's worth a read. It will give you a great insight into their planned new upcoming series. Phantom's Vault has announced it will also be available at the Frew Booth at Sydney Supanova, but be warned there is limited stock.


Guy Poissant's Postcard Series 4

Guy Poissant is a busy man! Only a short period of time after releasing his Diana series (as reported here), he has now previewed a fourth series on Facebook which includes coloured scenes from classic Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy stories and as an added bonus, also includes a Sala sticker expressing her love for the Phantom.

Sala has always been a phan phav and the way Ray Moore drew her, it's not hard to understand why.

These are now available, so contact Guy here before they all run out as only 40 sets of each exist. The postcard set price is $32 Canadian dollars and the Sala Sticker is $3 Canadian dollars - postage is extra.


Jeff Weigel Has Now Started Drawing His Sundays on Old Fashion Paper

On Saturday 19 May Jeff Weigel posted his first Sunday drawn on 'old fashion paper' on Facebook (view here). It was first discussed in his interview in Episode 70 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast (re-listen here) and then again here as he gears up for his Australian adventure in 2019.

The Sunday shown is dated 19th of August, twelve weeks in advance, and by the time he comes to Australia in 13 months time, he could well have 60 or more for everyone to fight and clamor over... plenty for everyone - but will you get the date you're really keen on?? Will this one be worth more as the first of the 'ink and paper' series? Jeff has not indicated a price on these yet.

So without any further delay, Wham Bamm WHUMP here is Jeff's first Sunday inked on paper:

So save those pennies, get that extra side job and start your secret Phantom slush fund.

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