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NEW Spanish Hardcover Sy Barry Book Released

Back in early February CC announced that Dolmen Publishing over in Spain had picked up a Phantom License from KFS and would start republishing some classic Phantom stories. These hardcover editions are now available to purchase.

Here is the first book in all its glory with the front and back cover, as well as some interior photos of the book accompanying this post.

This book weighs just under 1 kilogram and costs a reasonable €30 Euros ($50 Australian Dollars). It features 180+ pages of beautiful, unedited Sy Barry work.

In my opinion Sy Barry's work in the 1960's and 1970's is his best work, and even in Spanish this book is a must for every Barry phan!

You can purchase this hardcover book via various comic book stores throughout Spain or via the global Spanish Amazon site here.

Amazon Spain DOES ship to Australia at around €10-15 postage, which gives Australian phans a book similar price to what we get from Hermes. Together with the fact that this is a published non-English language, the price may limit some Phantom phans from buying this book.

We have included some scans of the pages below and you can tell Dolmen Publishing have taken their time and care in doing justice to Sy Barry's legacy.

If all goes according to plans with demand, sales and the people who make the judgement calls, we should expect up to three of these hardcover books released per year.

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